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We’re pleased to announce that we will be going live on 21st February 2023, to a new online consultation tool called PATCHS.

The new online consultation service offers a secure, simple, and flexible way for patients and carers to contact their GP practice.

By registering you will have easy access to a range of services from your computer or smartphone, including:

  • Anything non-urgent that you need to contact us for:
  • GP consultations
  • Fit/sick note
  • Repeat Medications and prescriptions
  • Health advice
  • Access to any of our services/health professionals

Why should you use PATCHS?

  • Convenient and quicker than using the telephone
  • You can submit requests on behalf of someone you care for
  • Getting quicker responses for admin queries
  • Frees up our telephone lines for people that cannot use PATCHS
  • Creates more time for admin staff to deal with patient enquiries
  • Ensures we can more easily prioritise requests based on clinical urgency

How to use PATCHS

  • Once you have registered, you can access PATCHS by clicking the link on our website or opening the PATCHS app on your smartphone. Login by entering your registered email address & password.
  • Choose the appropriate option and answer a few simple questions to help your GP understand your problem.
  • Your answers are sent to your GP who responds as quickly as possible. Initial responses may be via online message or phone, with face-to-face or video consultation appointments scheduled if necessary.

You can register via this button on PATCHS.  All you will need to do is provide an email address and set up a password.