Clinics and Services

Home Nursing

Patients who are confined to their homes and need nursing attention may arrange with their doctor for the community nursing team to visit. The hospital will normally arrange for a nurse to visit patients discharged by them who still require nursing treatment at home.

Maternity Care

Maternity care is usually shared between the practice, the community midwife and the hospital. The community midwife is available when you attend the antenatal clinic and will visit you at home after you have had your baby.

Health Checks

If you have not been seen by a GP in the last three years you can request a health check, with the practice nurse. Please contact your surgery to make an appointment.

Child Immunisation Clinic

Immunisation clinics for children are held at all surgeries.

Travel Clinic

It is quite likely if you are going abroad that you will need advice about avoiding exotic diseases such as malaria or hepatitis. Prevention of some illnesses involves taking tablets whilst others may involve one or more injections. Some courses of injections have to be started several months before departure, so make sure you seek advice in good time. A Travel Risk Assessment Form is available from reception or from the link below. Please complete and return to the surgery (at least six weeks prior to travelling).
If you are pregnant it is best to seek advice before booking your holiday as some medicines are not recommended in pregnancy.
Please note:- a charge will be levied for some vaccinations as these are not available on the NHS. Please ask at reception for details of charges.

Travel Risk Assessment Form

Smoking Cessation Clinic

Stopping smoking can be difficult. At our clinic, you will be given advice and told about aids to help you – some of which are available on prescription. You will also receive plenty of encouragement.

Respiratory Clinic

This is for patients with asthma or chronic obstructive airways disease. Lung function is checked and advice is given on the best way to manage your condition.

Healthy Heart Clinic

This is for monitoring patients that have angina or a history of heart disease.

Diabetic Clinic

At this clinic, attention is paid to diabetic control, skin care and other aspects of diabetes.

Minor Operations

Some minor operations can be performed in the surgery. This needs to be arranged by a doctor.

Cervical Smears

Cervical smears are currently recommended for women between the ages of 25 and 64 who have ever been sexually active. In this region, there is an efficient computerised recall system which is set at three or five-year recall. If you receive a letter inviting you to have a smear or need one for some other reason please make an appointment with a nurse or doctor. Be sure to say the appointment is for a smear in order that sufficient time can be allocated and so that a chaperone can be organised where appropriate.

Chlamydia Screening

We are offering Chlamydia screening to everyone between the age of 15 and 24 years. More information is available in our Chlamydia Testing Patient Information leaflet.

Should you wish to have this test please collect a kit from Reception.

Males are required to provide a urine sample. Females are given a self-testing swab.

Family Planning

Family planning is an important part of health care and full confidential contraceptive services are available here. Please speak to your doctor at ordinary surgery times. If you are prescribed the contraceptive pill you will need a check-up every six months. You can see nurse for this if you like.

In the event of you having a contraceptive “accident”, there are hormone pills available which reduce the chance of your becoming pregnant if taken within 72 hours. The sooner these pills are taken, the more effective they are. These pills can also be bought from the chemist without a prescription.