Proposed closure of branch surgery at Aberford (Jessamine Cottage Surgery)

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Aberford – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why is there a proposal to close the Aberford Branch Surgery?

The practice building was originally designed to be a residential property rather than a medical centre. It is a grade 2 listed building.

Patient safety is paramount but, due to the fabric of the building, we struggle to maintain our infection control standards. The building in not compliant with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA). There is a step down into the surgery and a narrow flight of steps up to the Doctors consulting room, both of which make it difficult for patients that are less mobile to access services.

Overall, the property is not suitable for the delivery of high quality, modern and accessible healthcare services.

  1. I am a patient registered at Aberford Surgery, what will this mean for me?

You will be able to access medical services at our other surgeries (Garforth Medical Centre and Elmwood Surgery).

  1. If the Aberford Surgery were to close, which GP practice could I attend?

You will remain registered as a patient of Garforth Medical Practice. You can attend either of our remaining surgeries (Garforth Medical Centre or Elmwood Surgery). Alternatively. You have the right to register at another practice. The NHS GP finder website at will provide you with a list of practices near your home postcode. If you are unable to go online and have no one to help you, please contact Garforth Medical Centre on 0113 3854535 for support.

  • I am a dispensing patient at Jessamine Cottage Surgery (Aberford), if the Surgery closed how would I get my medication?

If you are already a dispensing patient of the practice you will have the option to continue to be a dispensing patient. Should Jessamine Cottage Surgery (Aberford) close, dispensing patients would be able to collect their prescribed medicines from our other dispensary at Elmwood Surgery (Barwick In Elmet). The Practice offers a delivery service for housebound patients.

Medicines cannot be collected from Garforth Medical Centre as this site does not have a dispensary.

Alternatively, you could choose to access your medicines from a community pharmacy. There are several different options as to how you can access your prescribed medicines from a community pharmacy;

  • Your prescription can be sent electronically by the practice to a community pharmacy of your choice. Or it can be printed and given to you to take to your chosen community pharmacy. 
  • Some local community pharmacies may offer a delivery service.
  • There are also distance selling pharmacies which are commonly known as internet pharmacies which provide their services remotely (non-face to face) and are another type of pharmacy which can be accessed to obtain your prescribed medication.

Patients can choose which pharmacy they wish to use.

Further information about community pharmacies in your local area, including opening times and services, can be found at

  • What is the difference between a community pharmacy and a dispensary?

Dispensaries, attached to doctors’ surgeries, can accept medication requests and give out medication but only to those patients registered at the surgery that are eligible to receive dispensing services. They cannot dispense medicines to patients who are registered with a different surgery or who live within 1.6 kilometres (about 1 mile) of a pharmacy.

Dispensaries can only dispense medicines listed in a prescription: they cannot sell other medicines ‘over the counter’. A dispensary at a doctors’ surgery is usually staffed by dispensing assistants. There is not normally a pharmacist present to oversee dispensing, and responsibility for the dispensing of medicines rests with the doctors.

A community pharmacy or chemist is run by a pharmacist alongside a trained pharmacy team. As well as dispensing prescriptions for patients of any surgery, community pharmacies can also offer clinical advice and over-the-counter medicines for a range of minor illnesses such as coughs, colds, sore throats, tummy trouble and aches and pains.

  1. I receive home visits. If Aberford Surgery closes will I still be able to receive a home visit?

We will continue to visit housebound patients in their own home.

  • If Aberford Surgery was to close can the other surgeries cope with the additional patients?

If approval is given to close Aberford the Practice plan to increase the opening hours at Barwick Surgery. They will reduce the lunchtime closure to 45 minutes (from 1 hour 45 minutes) and open on a Tuesday afternoon.

  • What would happen to the building if Aberford Surgery were to close?

The building is owned by the Partners. If the Surgery was to close, we expect that the building will revert to a residential property and be sold.

  • It’s all about money saving isn’t it?

This proposal it not about money saving, it is about patient safety. The staff from Aberford Surgery would be re-deployed to our other sites to ensure we maintain our current appointment capacity.